DAEDALUS Cocount Stout is now out!

Our celllerman, John Pyburn is an important part of the brewing process here at Big Boss Brewing. He’s the guy who racks the beers, dry hops the IPAs, clarifies our Kölsch and monitors temperatures for our beers in fermentation and conditioning. He also plays bass in a band called! The band’s latest release is called Daedalus and the beer by the same name is a toasted coconut stout. Rich, dark roasted malts are layered under a dry tropical coconut flavor in a winning combination. Follow Goodbye, Titan at @goodbyetitanofficial plus check out the band’s heavy instrumental sound at: goodbyetitan.bandcamp.com/ #stout #postrock #beer #ncbeer #heavymusic

Big Boss 2018 Brewing Schedule!

New line up of beers for 2018

Craft beer fans love change! While most of our line up remains household names in our home state we are always offering new items and will continue to do so in 2018.

The biggest change to our line up is the addition of full time production of our Munich Style Helles Lager. A go to classic style will simply be known as Big Boss Lager and will feature a distinct stripped down look reminiscent of 1940s, 50s and 60s regional brewers artwork.

In addition to seasonal six packs we are now offering several new items as 4 packs! Our Amber Ale, Saison, Gose, Coffee Kolsch and Coconut Stout will be released as 4 packs in 2018.

Barrel aged ales will are being scheduled from our foedres and existing wine and bourbon barrels and will be announced in a separate post.

2017 saw a variety of IPA styles and we will continue to offer these as collaborations and limited releases in the new year.